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I'm the Horned God

Damh the Bard - Noon of the Solstice


In times long past 
lived a Man of green,
And his footsteps brought life wherever he'd been.
In the deepest wildwood 
was the place he was seen,
And the people did love 
and protect him.
And they saw his face change, 
with the turn of the Wheel
of the Seasons,
They heard his voice sing. 

    I'm the Horned God,
    I'm the face in the trees,
    I'm the breath of the wind that rustles the leaves,
    I'm the Green Man 
    in the wildwood I roam,
    Cernunnos, I'm Pan and I'm Herne.

I shall be as the Dark Holly King,
Darkness and cold 
in my cloak I will bring,
And on Winter's nights 
to me you will sing,
Till the air around me starts changing,
And on the noon of the solstice 
I'll give up my crown,
To the Light 
and the Mighty Oak King.

All Summer long 
I shall rule just and fair,
Bring your crops to fruit 
with the light that I share,
With fire and water, 
from earth into air,
But the Wheel it keeps 
steadily turning.
And on the noon of the Solstice 
I'll give up my crown,
To the cold and the Dark Holly King.

T 'is now modern times 
and the Summer is here,
The Winter has gone 
and the air it is clear,
On a fine day I walked 
through a woods I live near,
When a battle I spied 
through a clearing,
Two giants of leaves, 
one light and one dark,
Even now the Wheel it is turning !


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