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OSCE observers : Ukrainian forces are moving heavy weaponry...


Note F.E : Pour visualiser les sous-titres (en anglais) : pointez votre curseur (la "petite flèche") sur la vidéo pour faire apparaître la barre d'outil (bande noire) située au bas de la vidéo, puis cliquez sur le symbole "sous-titres", à savoir le petit rectangle façon "feuille de texte", situé entre l'horloge et la roue dentelée.  


OSCE observers report Ukrainian forces are moving heavy weaponry to the buffer zone in eastern Ukraine. The report says that on 6 April, observers witnessed "four newly deployed 100mm anti-tank guns with crew and four anti-personnel carriers loaded with ammunition boxes" near Mirnaya Dolina, 67km northwest of Luhansk. Furthermore, not all heavy weapons subject to pullout have been completely withdrawn from the buffer zone. The OSCE "observed three T64 tank emplacements in the area of Muratovo", 50km northwest of Luhansk. Two more T-64 tanks were seen moving "east towards the line of contact". The OSCE also reported movements of 7 infantry fighting vehicles and two battle-tanks on LPR territory. They did not say which direction these vehicles were moving.

Russia is importing 5 times less food in March 2015 compared to the same time last year, Interfax reports. This is the result of effective import substitution. Because of sanctions, Russian food companies picked up a majority share of the market, increasing food security in the country. Apparently this isn't the result the US expected when it launched the sanctions war.

In a recent interview former Polish president Lech Walesa said the Russian Federation may decay and its population reduced to 20 million people. He said “Russia has lagged behind the West by 30-50 years and has never been a free and democratic country. Russia has a minimum of 60 nations. It could break up and be left with a population of 20 million people". Let’s check this out. 146 million people live in Russia. 81% are Russians. 81% of 146 million are 118,260,000 people. Apparently mathematics isn’t the forte of Polish presidents. Or maybe he's just angry about the failure of Polish farms due to the banning of food imports by Russia. In addition, Walesa warned against Ukrainian sanctions on Russia because Ukrainian enterprises will become bankrupt as a result. Oh, yes. The Kiev government is already doing this: Blame Russians, kill the Russian-speaking population, but don't forget to ask for charity from Russia.

The British nuclear submarine HMS Talent suffered an estimated £500,000 (about $750,000 USD) in damage to its tower while tracking Russian vessels in the North Sea, The Daily Mail reported. British defense officials have refused to disclose exact details of the crash – including where or when it happened – but they were adamant the HMS Talent struck ‘floating ice’ rather than a Russian sub. Could that so-called ‘floating ice’ be the Russian fishing trawler which sank in the Sea of Okhotsk off the Kamchatka Peninsula? 56 people died and the British submarine was damaged in the same area. It’s an awful coincidence.

Source: http://southfront.info/


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