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The real UAF : From a decrepit military to psychotic thugs

The agony of the Banderist punitive army


October 10, 2015.


Maksim Stepantsov, Novorossiya

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski.






The basic and red line in the howling of Ukrainian nationalists is one, primitive thought: unhappy Ukraine suffered under the yoke of the communist regime, which represented nothing more than than the Russian people. Therefore, “Moskali out” and “Bandera will come and bring order.”


Actually, it’s possible to say that Bandera came and precisely such an order was established which could have been if Ukraine nationalism somehow won in the past, in the Civil War or Second World War. Already then, the country would have been ruined, partitioned into a number of banana states having a colonial status with a primitive economy, sham armed forces, and led by puppet governments managed from the American Embassy. 


Even after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine inherited one of the largest industrial bases in Europe, advanced scientific and cultural potential, a developed agriculture and an army armed with nuclear weapons which was ranked number three in the world ranking.


However, instead of developing a new government, for 24 years they have busied themselves with searching for internal enemies, which has in the end led to a bloody fratricidal war. 


Since the very beginning of the war in Donbass, the command of the armed forces of Ukraine was faced with such a problem as a lack of equipment and weapons. But when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, 21 divisions, including 4 tank divisions from the Kiev, Odessa, and Carpathian military districts came under the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Plus 8 artillery brigades, 4 special forces brigades, 2 airborne brigades, 9 air-defense brigades, 7 attack helicopter regiments, 3 aircraft armies, and a separate air-defense army. 


A staff of 700,000 people! And that’s not counting the 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles and around 2,600 tactical nuclear weapons. 


Ukraine eventually, willingly lost its nuclear weapons, but almost all of the above-mentioned Soviet material remained on the “Independent” territory. How, then, in 2014, did soldiers of the Ukrainian army, which had declined to 150,000 (from which, according to some sources, only 60,000 were “active”) happen to be without weapons?


It’s very simple. Since its inception in 1993 as an independent state, Ukraine literally started to “eat” its Soviet heritage, including the military heritage. Thus, the economic condition of the country came ever-closer to the bottom every year. 


However, those at fault for this process of unprecedented degradation somehow turned out to be the Russian-speaking citizens who only had to be “hanged from trees,” and everything would turn out ok. The people of the East and South of Ukraine, from the first years of “independence” were forced to glorify Petlyura, Bandera, Shukhevich, and abandon their heroes, whether they be Ivan Kozhedub, father Sidor Kovpak, or Petr Vershigora. Unsurprisingly, as a never culturally and ethnically homogenous country began to collapse, they couldn’t think of anything better for pacifying the rebellious than carrying out punitive operations and “organizing a “friendship train” formed by death squads of untethered nationalists. This turned out to be the “people’s army” formed according to the precepts of Bandera, Shukhevich, Dontsov, which was not so much capable of fighting as carrying out terror against the peaceful population.


This is precisely why all the mobilizations of the UAF failed, and the self-defense units of Donbass, recruited on a voluntary basis from yesterday’s miners and tractor drivers, put up a heroic resistance. 


The southern cauldron, Saur-Mogila, Ilovaysk, and the Debaltsevo cauldron were featured on television screens necessarily with backgrounds of wrecked T-64 tanks, destroyed BM-21 volley fire systems, burned army vehicles, and abandoned artillery positions from which nothing was taken. 


Simultaneously, Ukraine carried out several waves of mobilization and formed new military units, detachments of the National Guard, etc., which at times added more “worthless” units to the not so simple situation with troop equipment. 


In one year, almost all combat aircraft and air-defense systems were destroyed, naval forces were in ruins, command was seriously disrupted, unprepared “mobilization waves” decreased the quality of land forces sharply, and the number of combat-ready equipment was sharply reduced due to large losses. 


And this is all true despite the boastful statements by representatives of the Kiev regime. In their report, “Global Firepower” experts cite such data. Under the previous administration, the UAF had a total of 4,112 tanks, and because of losses only 2,809 remain. If earlier the air force had 400 combat aircraft, today experts count only 222. As a note for experts and readers, the main losses occurred among the 200 sections which in 2011-2013 had undergone capital repairs and modernization. In terms of “air forces,” over the last year Ukraine has dropped from the 20th to the 45th position in rankings. 


And on February 24, 2015, “Military Informant” reported that the UAF has begun commissioning D-48 85-mm anti-tank guns from long-term storage bases which were designed in 1948 and which entered into service in the Soviet army a little later in 1953. 


At the beginning of June, 2015, photos appeared on the internet depicting Ukrainian soldiers loading onto railway platforms 203-mm howitzers of the B-4 model from 1931.


And on August 27, 2015, a correspondent for the television company TSN, Andrey Tsaplienko, wrote on his Facebook page with indignation that he found the 1944 issue of the Maxim machine gun among the weaponry available to soldiers of the UAF’s 53rd mechanized brigade stationed in the Roven region. 


Finally, on September 11, 2015, two significant events occurred. First, photos were leaked on the internet which showed the UAF firing 76-mm ZIS-3 model guns from 1942 somewhere in fields. Second, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that a decision had been made to restore and return the Soviet ZIL-151 and ZIL-157 trucks. Let’s recall that the first was released in 1957, and the second in 1958. 


If an APC or car sits for 30 years under the open sky, then it is just a pile of useless metal and is not viable. And after huge restoration work, it will travel only 200-300km and then die. The reasons: quality of the engine, lack of spare parts, lack of technology and expertise. This is all equipment from the ’60’s and ’70’s. Old and dead.


However, in the conditions of the collapse of the economy and armed forces, the operational decisions were taken to further the fight against the “Soviet heritage.” The Ukrainian Institute for National Remembrance (UINR) compiled a list of 105 monuments and memorials of the Soviet era which are still on the streets of Kiev and which are to be “dismantled.” 


On the list of “to be demolished” are 21 monuments and busts and more than 80 plaques of Bolshevik figures. This includes 12 statues of Lenin, a bust of Nikolay Ostrovsky, busts of Vasiliy Bozhenko, Nadezhda Krupskaya, Ivan Lepse, Vitaly Primakov, and Nikolay Vatutin. Local authorities plan to gather all of the dismantled monuments of the city on one place,which will be called “Park of the Soviet Period” or “Park of the Colonizers,) as the co-chairman of the commission on changing place names of the city council, Vadim Shebanov, reported. 


Official ideological bodies are not far behind. In Ukrainian publications, there are allegations that the modern borders do not coincide with the ethnic boundaries of the distribution of the Ukrainian people (Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Kuban, and even the Far East) are specified), and Ukraine itself is often positioned as the outskirts of the Western (European) world bordering the Asian world to which Russia belongs. 


Russia is hostile to Ukraine in practically all the Ukrainian myths which are forming a negative attitude to Russian statehood and Russians as a people among Ukrainian society. It’s not difficult to imagine the methods by which Banderites will “return” the Belgorod region to Ukraine. 


There is already a regional Nazi leader hopping on the bandwagon of Right Sector: the former resident and native of Belgorod, Roman Strigunkov. For two years he has already tried to create his own territorial battalion in the form of the Russian Legion. Fortunately, the number of idiots wanting to join this formation as cannon fodder can be counted on a single hand. 


Meanwhile, since April, around 300 paratroopers of the 173rd brigade of the US are engaged in training Ukrainian soldiers. 


The American superheroes have already began carrying out testing of Ukrainian soldiers’ combat training, and so far it’s known that they’ve been very disappointed. Such training has simply been absent. Trainers from the armed forces of the USA are surprised and upset at the same time. They report that Ukrainian fighters don’t know the simplest of things, for example, that weapons should on safety when carried, as well as other most primitive things.


Some of the students, as noted by American trainer Veranda, forgot their helmets for the first days of classes. And when he asked his Ukrainian students what actions should be taken upon the detection of unexploded grenades, responses plunged the trainer into shock. “They told me: ‘We either just put them in our pocket or throw them away.’”


And these people are entrusted with weapons? But do you know what’s the saddest? They are not to blame. The leadership is to blame, which carried out five waves of mobilization and threw untrained soldiers into the thick of it. Why was there the Ilovaysk cauldron? Or remember the Debaltsevo cauldron, in which 8 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were “boiled?”


Fighting among punitive forces is a huge moral and psychological burden. It’s no accident that up to 80% of ATO participants from the UAF need psychological rehabilitation. Almost every day Ukrainian soldiers leave their positions and defect to the  side of the DPR, or they just go to fraternize, as was the case not long ago on the borders of Crimea and Kursk province. 


Now a rotation of UAF divisions is taking place, and this is all an angry, mentally unstable, demoralized lot, spread across Ukraine, often with weapons. Few are waiting for them at home, and many of them are feared and even hated. Grenades are starting to explode and gunfire is starting to be heard in cities. 


As an example, a fighter of the UAF couldn’t think of anything better than to transfer a couple of grenade launchers to a “visual exhibit” at a school museum in Sumy region. They exploded, and as a result, there were killed and wounded...


Ten guys, apparently “ATO participants” “fighting for Ukraine” in one of the residential areas of Lvov-Sykhov beat a bartender and waitress in a cafe. The group of “defenders”, in response to a comment of the bartender to behave quietly, severely beat him and the waitress and other customers of the cafe who rose to defend him. 


In Kirovograd, a cafe was set of fire, the owner of which was gathering money to help Ukrainian punitive forces operating in Novorossiya. The camera recoding shows two young guys in hoods pouring flammable liquid on the summer room of the cafe, setting it on fire, and running away. The owner of the cafe, Viktor Dushak, does not exclude that the arson was connected with his support for the punitive forces of the so-called “ATO”...


Drunk men detonated a grenade in a bar in Odessa. As was reported by the ministry of internal affairs in the Odessa province, two unidentified men in camouflage uniforms with the Right Sector logo went to a bar, drank 150 grams of vodka, and then pulled out a grenade and threw it under one of the tables where it exploded. As a result of the incident, two customers suffered. The grenade even wounded the one who threw it. 


Such reports are already coming everyday in waves. There are tens of thousands of mentally unstable people accustomed to killing. And it doesn’t matter who. They are prepared to kill without hesitation for the sake of slogans “Ukraine above all,” “knife the Moskal”, “one nation, one leader, one language,” and “glory to the nation, death to enemies.” And an enemy can be anyone. Even a comrade in arms.


Numerous examples of skirmishes between Right Sector, national guardsmen, and units of the armed forces in the area of the ATO have already been repeatedly cited. It is no secret that there are old fighters in the national guard and officers who hate Nazis in any form more than the officers of the UAF. In fact, in connection with economic problems, the level of salaries of officers of the UAF have decreased 2 times, and indexing is not yet in sight. 


The Kiev regime is constantly forced to oscillate between the need to keep the most ardent of Nazis in check while at the same time relying on them and their ideas in the fight against “separatist-terrorists.” It is this which determines the defeat of Kiev’s troops at the front - they have no other supporters.


The most dangerous thing is that the masses of demobilized, mentally inadequate participations of the ATO, having no means of subsistence, can move to Russia to earn money. And we should think now about what to expect.


There is the memory of the case when at the beginning of the year, an unstable Ukrainian citizen was successfully arrested for trying to set fire to a clothing store in Belgorod with spontaneously igniting fireworks. Such unstable people are poisoned with nationalism, and we should expect them in the future. 


Now it is time for our border guards, FSB, and police to increase their vigilance and take strict control of all of our neighbors who are trying to infiltrate our territory with questionable intentions, especially those who already have passed through the ATO. they will probably start to redirect “surplus” weapons, ammunition, and explosives. A few days ago, not far from the Ukrainian border, law enforcement officers detained a car going to the Russian Federation with military navigation equipment. Ordinary citizens should pay more attention, especially in congested public places such as shops, markets, public transport, and entertainment venues. 


These are the sad realities of the civil war in Ukraine. Today, we can be comforted by the fact that we are witnessing the agony of the Banderist “Project Ukraine” imposed from the outside and which has for almost a quarter of a century poisoned the lives of tens of millions of people. And the new state of Novorossiya, and maybe even a few states, should finally stamp out the self-discrediting Banderist project. 



Maksim Stepantsov, Novorossiya / October 10, 2015. 


Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski.