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A. Zakharchenko speaks + "Ukraine Inferno" documentary. [Feb.2015]

[eng subs] DPR PM Alexandr Zakharchenko presser 27/02/15

Heavy artillery withdrawal, economical and political future of DPR, recruitment campaign...

Traduction and english subtitles by Kazzura.



Ukraine Inferno (18+) - NovorossiaTV documentary [eng subs] 

Documentary about Ukrainian conflict from its beginning, Euromaidan, till the February 2015. 

Unlike in official RF media (obviously influenced by 5th column in Kremlin, or just idiots), there's no annoying narration here explaining the "politically correct" point of view ("Poroshenko is partner", "Donbass people totally want the same as RF government wants", "Everyone's happy for Minsk agreements!"), when author talks, talks, talks explaining things as he needs instead of letting heroes of his film tell their truth. Though, it's a compilation of NovorossiaTV material as well as various freely available videos, people, events in the video speak for themselves without propaganda explaining what "they wanted to say". 

And unlike in western propaganda, the doc actually shows what really was and is happening !

Traduction and english subtitles by Kazzura.

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